6 Deadly Relationship Sins

BreakupUndoubtedly, Breakups are very painful. Whenever men leave his wife or girlfriend then it is probably because of he is not getting love or respect. But when it comes to girl then she leaves her boyfriend or husband because attraction fades away from the relationship.

I am sure that your girlfriend broke up with you because of unattractive traits that I am going to reveal today. And more shockingly, these unattractive traits occur because of INSECURITY. I called these unattractive traits as six deadly mistakes that kills the attraction from the relationship even one of these occur anytime in the relationship doesn’t matter either the relationship is newly married, dating or long-term relationship.

Understanding these 6 deadly relationship sins are important because it will help you in avoiding mistakes that most people did in past by using Brad’s The Ex Factor Guide and then they end up destroying their relationship with their own hands.

Ok, let’s start talking about these 6 deadly sins of relationship.

Way Too Controlling:

No one wants to live with too much restriction either from their spouse, parent or teacher. Similarly, girl hates till dead when her husband or boyfriend becomes way too controlling that means no talking with her male friends or no party or no hangout with her friends.

Man becomes way to controlling in the relationship because of fear of losing his girlfriend or she will find someone better. In many cases, the more controlling man becomes, the less control he has on his girlfriend or wife. Everyone loves space and wants to hangout with their friend. Similarly, your girlfriend or wife is no different she also needs some space as well as wants to spend time with her other friends.

If you don’t allow space to your girlfriend then she may start feeling caught in the relationship and sooner she starts looking for better person.

Being Clingy or Needy:

Clingy BoyfriendIf you think that sending texts and calls after every hour makes her feel attractive to you then sorry to say you are wrong. By sending text messages and calls after every hour you are sending signals that you are needy and want support of your girlfriend or wife. It is important to remember that clingy and needy are two qualities of unattractive person. I am sure you don’t want to keep your relationship with unattractive person so does your girlfriend or wife.

Just imagine do you feel attractive when one girl barred you with text messages and calls? I am sure you probably won’t. The more text messages and calls you send to your girlfriend, the more attraction will disappear from your relationship.

Make sure you don’t make your girlfriend your entire world. You surely have many goals in life to achieve. That is the reason you should focus more on achieving goals than calling and texting to your girlfriend.

Being Jealous All The Time:

Jealousy is the ultimate form of insecurity. It is possible you may not like when she hangout with her old college friends or you may not like the way she talk with one of her co-worker. But, don’t allow your feeling to get out of your body. If it does then your relationship will break in matter of few days or weeks. Additionally, if jealousy feelings come out of your body then you will be sending signals that she has more value than you.

Sadly, the feelings of jealousy are very difficult to hide but you have to do your best to hide these feeling as much as possible. One of the best ways to hide jealous feeling is to think that ‘all other men are harmless because you have higher value for her’. It is important to don’t ask questions about her personal life until she is telling you about her life.

Always remember, girls love those men that keep working hard for achieving their life goals.

Seek External Validation:

Strong and attractive men don’t ask for validation. They love about how they look, how they dress and how they work. This is what that makes them attractive. But weak and unattractive person on other hand seek for validation on every little thing.

Do you ask from your girlfriend about how much she loves you? How well you look like? Does you look lean/muscular? Asking these questions from your girlfriend or wife will send signals to her that you are not sure if you are good for her. It is important to look attractive which can be possible by feeling comfortable in your skin and the way your body looks. Man with higher value doesn’t seek for human interaction because they already get attraction in abundance from the people they interact daily.

Having Low-Esteem:

Feeling down and depressed is unattractive. Man looks low-demeaning in the humorous way but if your low-esteem becomes serious then don’t shock why your girlfriend left you.

But if your esteem gets even deeper, it means you fall the victim of depression. There are many online guides available that help you in learning how to cope with depression but if nothing works for you then I would recommend you to seek advice from your medical doctor.

The best way to cope with depression is holidays. Take a break from your routine life and spend some days on holidays with your family or friends. It is good to remain with your friend circle because your friends are your biggest support.


cheating boyfriendI am sure I don’t want to tell you much about cheating. If you are cheated on in the past then you know it gives terrible feeling and now you surely don’t want your girlfriend to suffer from these terrible feelings.

According to the research, guys cheat more often as compare to girls. However, girl cheats on her boyfriend only if when her boyfriend or husband show above mentioned unattractive traits which are being way to controlling, seeking external validation on very little thing, being jealous all the time, having low-esteem, being clingy and unfaithful. If you don’t want to lose your girlfriend or wife then it is important to avoid adopting these unattractive traits and become faithful with your girlfriend or wife.


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