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Jessica Blair Photo

Hello everyone, I am Jessica Blair and I created this website to shared my personal The Ex Factor Guide review.

It is possible you have read review of this ex back guide from different websites but you still having doubts regarding this program. Truly speaking it is not your fault, now these days there are many people who don’t test program before writing their review.

But, this review is going to be different because I downloaded this program myself and I am now in good position to guide you towards the right direction. After reading this review I am sure your all doubts regarding this program will disappear and you able to finalize your buying decision. Additionally, don’t forget to download free sample Chapter 3 “Unattractive Characteristics” at the end of this review (NO email/payment required).

One more thing, for your convenience I also created short-style navigation menu that will help you to navigate within this page.

Get Ex BackOk, let’s start with the review.

Breakup is the most difficult phrase in any relationship. It is very difficult to separate with the one you love most in your life. However, breakup provides opportunity to get together with your ex and create strong long-lasting relationship.

There are many articles available on this topic but you need solid approach to get your ex back. This is where Ex Factor Guide shines.

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor GuideIt is 220-pages comprehensive dating guide created by Brad Browning for all those men and women who want to get their ex back. In this guide Brad shared step-by-step unique approach for getting ex back after breakup.

Brad Browning is the relationship counsel and helping men and women in getting their ex back since last 10 years. Since Brad Browning can’t shared his experience with everyone personally that’s the main reason he created this comprehensive program where you discover answer to almost every situation.

In this guide, Brad focuses not only on getting ex back after breakup but also creating strong and healthy long-lasting relationship that will make all negative memories disappear and restore romantic memories. Once you applied the approach Brad recommend in this program, your boyfriend or girlfriend will start getting all romantic memories you both spend together.

Brad divided this 220-pages guide into several chapters that deal with every possible phrase you will face from finding real breakup reasons to creating strong and healthy relationship with your ex that will remain as long as you want. In these chapters you will discover numerous psychological tactics and possible situations that will able your ex to forget all negative feeling from his or her mind.

Throughout this guide, Brad answers lots of question like “How to heal from breakup” , “how to contact your ex first time after breakup” and lot more. All in all, we can say that Ex Factor Guide is more than just a ‘guide’.

Additionally, Brad Browning created short video presentation for you that will explain all the strategies that you’ll discover in this guide:

ex factor guide video

Who Will Get Benefit From This Guide?

Brad Browning designed this program separately for men and women that’s why we can say everyone can get benefit from this program. However, this program will only help you if:

  • You are looking for step-by-step ex back program that will explain you each step clearly
  • You are looking for program that is each to follow
  • You are looking for ex back program that is created by relationship counsel
  • You are looking for comprehensive ex back program that contain proven and tested approach for getting ex back
  • You are looking for ex back program comes with 60 days money back guarantee

However, this program is NOT for those people that:

  • Don’t truly love their ex but want their ex back because of their ego
  • Are looking for ‘miracle solution’ that will bring their ex back overnight
  • Not ready to put their efforts in getting ex back

If you are ready to take action then why are you waiting for?

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Full Package:

It is important to note this program is not a ‘single’ PDF file instead, it is a collection of different materials and bonuses that make it comprehensive ex back program. Here is the list of materials you will get when you order this program from its official website:

  • The main Ex Factor Manual (220-pages PDF File)
  • 3-Hours Video Program
  • 5-Hours Audio Program
  • Bonus 1 – Increase Sex Appeal (PDF File)
  • Bonus 2 – Text The Love Back Book (PDF File)

Note: Due to rapid increasing popularity of this program there are many vendors that offering the same program at much higher price than the official price that is $47. That’s why it is important to purchase this program only from official website with complete package, bonuses and 60-days money back guarantee.


Strong Points:

This comprehensive ex back program created by relationship counsel who has 10 years of experience. Author created this program in simple to understand program that anyone and everyone can apply in his life. Author included example of numerous couples that help you in handling your situation comfortably.

Another benefit is, this program created logically and author offers separate ex back guide for men and women. Since men and women are different and the situation they face are also different.

Brad Browning program is the only ex back program that contain numerous examples. Author included separate chapter for text messages in which he provided example text message that surely bring response. Additionally you can create lots of different messages with this sample text message.

Here are few reviews that are posted by people who used this program successfully.

Weak Points:

Brad Browning

Brad Browning

This program is not the ‘miracle pill’ that bring your ex overnight. So, this program needs patience and this process take some time.

Another weak point is, this program is available only for limited period. Author planned to sell only limited copies of this best-selling program. Grab it before it’s too late.

This program needs will-power, efforts and patience to get results. You will not get results if you don’t have these three things.


It is possible to reverse the breakup and get ex back once again in your life. However, you need powerful approach to make that happen. This is where Brad’s guide comes to help you.

In the end I would like to say, Brad Browning included some powerful techniques in The Ex Factor Guide. I would like to warn you to don’t apply these powerful techniques on anyone except the one you love the most in your life and want to create long-lasting relationship.

I hope you will find this review helpful and if you still have questions regarding this ex back program then don’t hesitate in sending them to me using contact form.


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Sample Chapter:

As promised by me, below is the free Chapter 3 ‘Unattractive Characteristics’. Download it and read it.

unattractive characteristics